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1. Entries should be made on the attached forms and faxed to Mrs. Wendy Gibbons, 111 Roe St., Glencoe, Ontario, Canada, N0L 1M0. Phone/Fax: (519) 287-3933 or email to

2. Entry forms and fees, must be sent in by October 4, 2021. Late entries will NOT be accepted. Entry Fee of $10.00 (Canadian Funds) per entry will be charged.

3. Cheese must be shipped to Hastings Cold Storage, 380 Coleman Street, Belleville, Ontario, Canada K8P 3J4 (613) 962-9953. Only cheese received prior to 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 will be accepted.

4. Exhibitors may be required to make a statutory declaration that the cheese exhibited was made in the month for which they were entered and in the plant named by the Exhibitor on the Entry Form.

5. Block cheese must be wrapped in approved wrapper with no identifying markings on the wrappers.

6. Judges will evaluate each cheese for flavour, texture, openness, colour and finish. In case of ties, the highest score for flavour will be declared the winner.

7. Judging will commence at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 17, 2021.

8. All trophies must be returned to C.O.C.A. for annual competition unless otherwise stated in the special prize list. Any shipment of trophies will be at the winner’s expense, and must be pre-paid.

9. All trophies must be returned in the same condition as presented by September 27, 2021. Repair costs are to be paid by the trophy holder.

10. Only one entry per class per plant is permitted in the Cheddar section.

11. The Cheese that is shown by the Exhibitor at the British Empire Cheese Show is not to be tampered with by any person other than the judges, or the Exhibitor will be disqualified from the show.

12. All cheese in Specialty Classes may consist of consumer sized packages but the total weight of each entry must be no less than 5 lb. (2.27 kg). Specialty cheese should be shipped in original packaging or clearly identified.

13. An Exhibitor who is the winner of the Grand Champion is not eligible for the Reserve Champion.

14. For 2022, if fewer than 3 entries are made in a class, no prizes will be awarded for that class, but the cheese will be judged and included for Grand/Reserve if applicable.